Physical Performance Coaching by Damien Ryall

Damien Ryall Performance Coaching  offers unparalleled instruction in exercise protocol, technique, application and design. Athletic Development programs enhance sports performance and reduce the chance of potential injury.

Programs can be individually designed using 2,3,4,5 or 6 day templates using Teambuildr strength and conditioning software to monitor your acute and chronic progression over the duration of your program.

Program Components:


Myofascial Release, Static Stretching & Dynamic Flexibility

Movement Prep

Corrective Exercise & Mobility (Full Range of Motion and Movement Proficiency)


Sprint Mechanics, Change of Direction, Acceleration & Deceleration, Running Techniques


Linear and Lateral Plyometric, Upper & Lower Body and Olympic Lifting


Functional Multi-Joint Movements, Accommodating Resistance & Progressive Overload

Energy Systems

Sport Specific Conditioning to Get You Prepared for competition

Why test with Damien Ryall Performance Coaching?

Human Performance testing provides a unique opportunity to generate a truly evidence-based approach to strength and conditioning (Comfort, Jones & McMahon, 2019)

It is an essential skill for any strength and conditioning coach to be able to reliably assess the physical performance of their athletes and communicate the results and their implications to the athletes. Performance assessment is a critical component of athletic preparation. When implemented correctly, assessment of an athlete’s physical capacities can provide important information such as identification of strengths and weaknesses, response to training programmes, return to play and ongoing monitoring.

At Damien Ryall Performance Coaching you will be tested using the most validated and reliable methods backed by the literature for assessing and monitoring all aspects of physical performance including:

  • Injury risk
  • Jump performance
  • Sprint Performance
  • Change of direction and agility
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Aerobic Performance
  • Body Composition

The performance and exercise testing consultancy were launched in July 2020 with two central aims:

  1. To provide tailored scientific testing services to meet client needs in an informative, beneficial and user-friendly manner.
  2. To provide a goal-driven professional testing service with client satisfaction at the forefront of our delivery.

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The consultation is split into four sections; Nutrition Analysis, Physical Training Analysis, Pictures & Food Diary. Please fill in all sections before returning the online consultation form.

The more information you can supply the better, then Damien can make a more personalised system for you and in order to create a great training plan & nutrition program.

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